PriceKubecka Internship

My name is Colton Bretton. I am an accounting major at Texas Tech University. I first met PriceKubecka at the Fall Career Fair at Tech. At the fair, I went around and introduced myself to all the accounting firms in attendance. PK easily spent the most time talking and getting to know me. It was very refreshing to talk to Sheila and Cristina after most of the other firms just gave me a quick rundown of their company then wanted me to go away.

After interviewing a couple of times with Sheila and Brian, I got offered a summer tax internship. I was extremely excited and told them yes right away. I waited 8 months for my internship to start, so I had many scenarios play out in my mind of how the internship would go. Would I be an intern that went around getting everyone coffee and lunch like in the movies or was I going to be treated like an actual employee and get to work on various projects? Luckily it was not the coffee scenario, since I have never made a pot of coffee before.

I thought it was really cool that they treated me like a regular employee. PK gave me real responsibility and expected me to perform like all the other employees. I was assigned many different tax returns over the course of the internship. I worked on 1040’s, 1065’s, 1120’s and 1120S’s. This allowed me to get a feel for what it is like to be a tax accountant. I thought this was cool because in school you learn the basics about these forms but don’t really get to see how the forms truly work. After working with all these, I feel much more confident about my future as an accountant. I also got to work with the many different tax software’s PK has. Softwares I worked with were Excel, QuickBooks, CCH ProSystem Engagement, and CCH Access. I really enjoyed the different types of software (once I figured out how to use them), because the software made my life so much easier.

Working on the forms and using the different types of software was very beneficial to me because that’s not an experience I get in college. I also found the performance review they gave me was beneficial, because they rated me as if I was a staff employee. They gave me some good constructive criticism and some praise on my work. One of the accolades that I received was that I was able to learn how their process works fairly quickly.

Coming into the internship I had a lot to learn. I’m not going to lie, learning everything was not the highlight of my time at PriceKubecka. I got frustrated when I didn’t understand different things or if something didn’t balance. Fortunately, Brian and the other staff were eager to help me overcome all the different problems that arouse. The staff at PK is awesome. Hanging out with them all summer made my summer a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.  The culture of the work place was very laid back which matches my personality perfectly. I also had an awesome mentor this summer, Cristina. She helped me get through all my tax problems and any other accounting issues. Overall, I had a great experience this summer interning with PriceKubecka!

Colton Bretton - Summer - Tax Intern - Texas Tech University

"Home Run with PK!"

My name is Kyle Glennon, and I am an accounting and finance double major from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. My relationship with PriceKubecka began at the Career Fair located in Dallas, which was hosted by the Walton College of Business. This was the first career fair that I attended, so I really didn’t know what to expect. It turns out that one of the first tables that caught my eye was PK’s bright orange and blue display, and so I walked up and introduced myself to Sheila and Jason. We had a great conversation for about ten minutes regarding my resume and what interested me in coming to Dallas and the accounting field in general. After having a genuine and easy going talk, Sheila said that she would be on campus later that week and offered me an on-campus interview.

The thing that separated PK from other companies that recruited me was the comfort and realness I experienced with everyone I came into contact with. Also, the idea of working for a big firm did not appeal to me, because I felt that I could gain much more experience by working with a tight knit group of co-workers, and the client base of closely held businesses was attractive to me.

About a month after the career fair, I skyped with Brian and Sheila and I was fortunate enough to be offered an audit internship with PK, which I accepted on the spot. Following my acceptance, I was thrilled to start a new path. At the end of the season, I would wrap up my operations internship with the Arkansas Razorbacks football program, so it was time to develop new expectations for my next work experience. Up to the point prior to beginning my internship here at PK, I had only experienced accounting through classes and the bookkeeping I performed at my last internship. It excited me to escape the theory learning aspect in college, and be able to experience the audit service first hand.

What I loved off the bat at PK was the way we went through training. I’ve never heard of a firm in which one of the partner’s clears his schedule to train a fresh batch of interns for two full days. Brian showed us the ropes and introduced us to the technology, systems and processes we would be using and performing over 10 weeks at PK. It was fast and intense, and after the first couple days Brian felt that we were ready to get to work. At times, it was tough to become proficient with everything we had just learned, but Brian and my mentor Amy were there to help every step of the way.

I truly learned that as auditors we all work as a team to provide a service to our client. The ability to communicate among one another, and ask questions is absolutely vital to become efficient and successful. Writing this on my seventh week of my time here, it is hard to put into words all that I have learned and experienced, because it has been so plentiful. I can say that I have already been on four 401(k) audits at client offices, experienced one full audit, and performed numerous compilations and reviews on other clients. Here at PK interns are given the same work as full time employees, so the sense of belonging is real.

The staff and work atmosphere at PK is what makes it so unique. The bar is set extremely high by the firm’s Founding Partner, Brian Price, who brings an unmatched enthusiasm that trickles down to every employee at PriceKubecka. I can honestly say, we definitely are not your typical accountants hammering in numbers at our computers. Just walk desk to desk, and my co-workers are playing music and doing whatever they need to do to feel comfortable. Brian even put in a treadmill desk for those that want to stretch their legs and get some steps in! Also, the Mentor Program at PK is extremely beneficial. My mentor is Amy Sac, and she is exciting and more than willing to help me with whatever questions I have. We also go out on audits together, so she wants me to be the best I can because like I mentioned earlier, we are all a team.

Overall, I don’t think there could be a better spot on the field that I could’ve landed than PriceKubecka. From the staff to the culture and the work itself, my time here can only be described as enlightening. I look forward to what comes next, and the challenges and successes that PK will provide to me as I wrap up my ten-week tenure.

Kyle Glennon - Summer - Audit Intern - University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

The PriceKubecka Way!

Everything started when I was at University of Texas at the Dallas Fall Career Fair. I was standing in line for Weaver to see if they could give me a shot to be one of their interns. As time went by, I looked over my shoulder and there it was: the PriceKubecka booth. Before I talked to Sheila, I had already spoken with other firms. To be completely honest the other firms didn’t appeal to me, because of how they answered my questions. All they said was “turn in your resume and we will get back to you” and didn’t elaborate on certain questions as I had hoped. Luckily, that sense of, “Oh man is this career fair worth it,” all changed when I met PriceKubecka.

My first impression of PK was this firm looks serious. Thankfully the approach from them seemed as if I had worked there for a year. This is what separated them from the crowd. My questions to the associates and the director were answered in a professional manner with plenty of elaboration. As a matter of fact, Cristina and Mohsena gave me a break down on how they execute tax returns as well as their process, which shows transparency. They could have easily saved themselves fifteen minutes of time, but they thankfully overlooked that.

On day one, I did not know what to expect. Little did I know, we were training for two and a half days over concepts and how to acclimate to the software. In those two days, I learned more information than an entire year at school. This shows you how well Brian explains the material in a way that makes sense, but at a brisk pace as well. I have had buddies that have interned with the big four and there hasn’t been a day when a partner took time out of his or her busy day just to train interns. Let alone two entire days.

On day four I was prepping client’s tax returns. Within a month and a half, I prepped more than fifty returns with no prior real world experience. Every tax return is different, so the stereotype that tax is boring is completely misleading. You will never find yourself doing the same thing every day. In other words... be ready for a PriceKubecka adventure.

One of my favorite experiences here at PriceKubecka is when the partners and my mentors take us out for lunch. Leaving the office and just have a great time is an experience that every firm should take advantage of. You get to know one another not just as a worker, but for who they really are. At that point bonds start to form, which leads to a comfortable working atmosphere and workers that want to stick around.

I am fortunate to have interned at PriceKubecka. I have learned very important tax concepts that I will carry with me for my entire accounting career. As far as the learning curve, at this point I am still learning. My mentors Jason, Mohsena, and Cristina all were very supportive when I had questions. They were willing to take as much time as they needed to make sure I understood the problem. Overall, the experience has been amazing and every day is new and exciting. For the next round of interns be ready for an experience that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

Francisco Lozoya - Summer – Tax Intern – University of Texas at Dallas

Not Your Typical Internship!

My name is Haley Lehr. Coming into my internship at PriceKubecka, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew, however, from the moment I met Sheila, Jen, and Brian at the SMU Career Fair that I liked this firm. I felt that the biggest difference between PK and other firms is the genuine enthusiasm and passion for the business. They stood out to me in the best way and when I got my internship offer, I was so excited.

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First Impressions

My name is Scott Smart. I am currently an undergrad at The University of North Texas. My first impression of PriceKubecka (PK) came from a college job fair we had back in February. I had never heard of PriceKubecka before and when I came across the PK booth, it was a breath of fresh air. I was in the self-promotional mood, but Sheila Finn and the other girls just wanted to get to know me. We talked and laughed the entire time. I could tell instantly this would be a fun company to work for. PK is somewhere I can be myself and not just a robot in front of a computer.

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The First Days on the Job

There are few feelings as satisfying and fulfilling as looking forward to waking up for your job every morning. Most people are not lucky enough to have such a feeling or be able to look at every workday as an obstacle to overcome rather than an integral part of life to develop, but most people don’t work at PriceKubecka (PK). Many people who work in an office associate the work with monotony, days that seem to stretch out for weeks. The idea of working in such a stale professional environment is disheartening at best.

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Through The Eyes of an Intern

My first impression of PriceKubecka was that my coworkers were not your typical accountants. There is a high level of genuine enthusiasm when you meet Brian Price, the firm’s cofounder. This energy is present throughout the office and helps create a supportive learning environment for any level of staff. 

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