Oil and Gas

Success in the oil and gas industry demands a team of professionals who understand the complexities and challenges of the industry. Our partners, directors and managers, understand the audit and tax issues of the oil and gas industry; and have over 20 years of combined experience. We are also heavily involved in the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) of Dallas and regularly attend industry events, such as the NAPE Expo, North American Petroleum Accounting Conference (NAPAC), and Texas Energy Council Energy Symposium.

We work diligently with top decision-makers in each organization to tailor tax and audit strategies to accomplish your unique business objectives.

Our expertise encompasses the full range of tax and assurance services to upstream, midstream, and downstream organizations. PriceKubecka’s oil and gas practice offers services to exploration, drilling, production, development, pipeline, and service companies.

PriceKubecka has provided a wide range of professional expertise and beneficial industry knowledge to clients in the oil and gas industry, including working interest, royalty interest and net profit interest.

The oil and gas industry has a great deal of issues to contend with these days; so whether your company is concerned with expanding compliance or unanticipated tax exposures, we can help you. We offer our clients the knowledge and proven experience in the following areas:

Oil & Gas Tax Services

  • Strategies to maximize deductions related to drilling costs.
  • Specific multi-state tax income tax expertise as it pertains to withholding and statutory depletion requirements.
  • Transaction Structuring to maximize IDC and other tax benefits.
  • Guidance on entity planning with concentration in complex joint venture, LLC, and partnership structures.
  • Exit planning to minimize tax liability.

Oil & Gas Audit and Assurance Services

PriceKubecka can assist clients in identifying governance, risk management and compliance information requirements for both stakeholder reporting and operational monitoring in all areas of the organization.

  • In depth knowledge of both successful efforts and full cost accounting.
  • Due diligence services.
  • Audit of revenue and expenses in combination with lease and royalty agreements.

We have assisted our clients in the following areas:

  • Asset retirement obligations.
  • Depletion, depreciation and amortization.
  • Impairment of oil and gas properties.
  • FIN 48 and FAS 109 compliance.

We currently provide these services to:

  • Independent Operators
  • Service Companies
  • Equipment Companies
  • Drilling Funds

We understand the oil and gas industry and how to assess and accomplish your financial opportunities and risks. You can consider us a long-term partner devoted to your success. Call us today at 972-888-0950.

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