Robert Kempf

Robert Kempf graduated with a bachelors in accounting and finance from Texas State University.

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Michael Reid

Originally from a small town outside of Fort Worth, Michael graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in accounting.

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Emily Jarrell

Emily leads PriceKubecka’s marketing department by providing innovative insights into marketing, public relations, and advertising trends and executing exciting new business strategies.

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Seeking advice from professionals?

Our advisory services help your business function at its best. If you have questions, we have a team of professionals here to answer and guide you through them.

Do you want to work for a cutting-edge firm with hands-on learning?

You need a challenging experience where you can gain knowledge and learn by doing. We’ll teach and support you along the way. Start a promising future with PriceKubecka.

Are you getting the most tax credits available to you?

It’s time you got what you paid for and then some. We offer tax services that add to your business while saving you money.

Is your accounting firm “fluent” in International Financial Reporting Standards?

If your CPA firm is lacking the know-how to supplement your business operations and growth, then you need to switch. PriceKubecka has the knowledge, experience and connections you need to succeed internationally.

Was the last time you saw your CPA 365 days ago?

If the only time you see your CPA is to file your annual taxes, you need a new CPA firm. We are your business partners and strategists year-round, helping you make sound tax-planning decisions, eliminating last-minute surprises. 

McMahon Contracting

Brothers Jayce and Shawn McMahon founded the company in 1993 with eleven employees and started out as a small contractor offering rehabilitation and reconstruction services. McMahon Contracting is now a prequalified contractor for Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) construction and maintenance projects and has over 100 employees. The brothers approached PK for audited financial statements to maintain their prequalified status.

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