Donna Jones

Donna reigns as the resident IT guru at PriceKubecka. Her attention to detail, and never-ending patience, has helped keep the office running smoothly for the last eight years.

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Jen Moore, CPA

Growing up as a military brat instilled Jen with the flexibility necessary to view change positively.

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Jamie Lewing

Jamie Lewing leads PriceKubecka’s accounting department by providing creative solutions to common and complex accounting issues while paying attention to the details.

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Jason George, CPA

Jason leads a dynamic group of professionals that specialize in tax compliance and consulting.

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Brian S. Price, CPA

Brian founded PriceKubecka in 1995 and has over 25 years of experience serving the needs of closely-held businesses.

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Know where your business stands.

Whether you are looking to sell your business, considering a merger, or are working to resolve disputes associated with shareholder equity, estate planning or divorce, an accurate valuation is essential.

The difference between expansion and implosion.

Whether you need a more comprehensive internal budget, want to analyze the future potential of existing or new operations, or need a forecast for financing purposes, our seasoned professionals constantly monitor your business to ensure top performance.

Buttoned up and on time – every time.

We understand that your company’s accounting needs are unique.  That’s why we work with you and your staff to learn about your business and accounting procedures.

Secure your success through extensive auditing.

We offer quality assurance services that add credibility to our clients’ financial statements and meet the business and regulatory obligations under which they function.

Cookie-cutter tax services just don’t cut it.

We treat tax planning as a year-round process that involves constant evaluation and recommendations – eliminating last-minute surprises.


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