Providing assurance for closely held businesses

PriceKubecka serves closely held businesses with complex accounting issues. We discovered that there was a huge gap in the accounting, tax planning, and auditing industry. Customers suffer from costly services, lack of partner involvement, inconsistent communication, inefficiency, timing, and team familiarity. Every CPA provides similar services, but PriceKubecka ensures value, supports your goals, proactively avoids issues, and remains irreplaceable.

We found the gap and we closed it. 

Auto Dealerships

No matter if you are a single franchise owner or a large multi-franchise organization, our professionals can help your auto dealership operate more efficiently to increase income and cash flow. 

Working with a CPA who is practiced in dealership financial services can be one of the most important decisions you make in your business. We offer you expert financial services, including audit and tax services, that are required to operate a profitable auto dealership in this increasingly complex industry.

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PriceKubecka’s construction industry knowledge and experience is crucial in aiding your success. We provide CPA services, including tax, audit, accounting and advisory services, to contractors of all types and sizes. PriceKubecka is known for delivering cutting-edge services to construction industry professionals, including architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty trades, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, painting, and more.

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PriceKubecka understands the challenges manufacturers face, from a constantly changing marketplace to expanding technology.

Your business has to perpetually transform itself to stay ahead of competitors. When continuous pressure is being applied by competitors, locally and globally, you must stay financially proactive to succeed. 

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PriceKubecka can help you navigate today’s uncertain health care environment. With our experience and expertise, we keep your business profitable and in compliance.

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Oil and Gas

Achievement in the oil and gas industry demands a team of professionals who understand the complexities and challenges of the industry.

Our partners, directors and managers are experts in the audit and tax issues of the oil and gas industry and have over 20 years of combined experience. We are also heavily involved in the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) of Dallas and regularly attend industry events, such as the NAPE Expo, North American Petroleum Accounting Conference (NAPAC), and Texas Energy Council Energy Symposium.

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Professional Services Firms

We understand that time is your most valuable commodity, so we know the importance of timely and accurate financial reporting to properly manage your professional firm.

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Real Estate

We know the difference between mineral rights and surface rights. We know special deductions and tax credits for environmentally friendly features. We know historic preservation tax incentives, as well as complex accounting and tax issues involving local and federal governments. Our focus is on ensuring that your business has a solid strategic tax, budget and financial plan for long-term profitability and that it is operating smoothly and efficiently.

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We help small and mid-size retail businesses make informed decisions that maintain their financial goals and grow their business. Balance the needs of your customers while operating a profitable entity with PriceKubecka.

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Since the tech boom of the 1990s, PriceKubecka has executed and refined our clients’ business models, developed and streamlined day-to-day operations and addressed their tax and compliance needs.

We have addressed a variety of revenue recognition issues, including accounting for software sales and services, percentage of completion accounting, gross versus net revenue recognition, and software and non-software-centric multiple-element contracts.

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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution is a dynamic industry which requires comprehensive knowledge. Companies in your industry require a professional team with proven experience in assisting others. We are ready to help you reach a position of strength.

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