How We’re Different

For starters, we’re great listeners

Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your financial data. That means listening to better understand your dataflow and challenges and developing a plan to help your company evolve.

Our Approach

Our approach is clear. We collaborate to develop a strategic plan to meet  your business needs.


Find pain points and lay out the scope of work


Develop goals, schedule and budget upfront


Assign a primary contact based on your needs


Execute scope of work within expectations while communicating throughout the entire process

Strategic Education

Education that supports your bottom line.

PriceKubecka’s team makes it a priority to learn new ways to benefit clients. We specialize in areas specific to our clients’ business while going beyond the yearly standard CPE requirements. Learning your business is only part of our job – adding value is the other. We support client success in every way. It’s just another area where we are going the extra mile to make sure our clients are taken care of.

Automated Software
Automated Software

On-Site Support

Streamline your accounting from the inside out.

We assign a specific field employee to each client to ensure strategy in their internal accounting. We assess and streamline our client’s accounting to make sure they are saving money in areas they didn’t know they could be. Our job is to make yours easier through strategic and creative tax strategies.