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401(k) ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C) Audit Pricing

(formally known as Limited Scope)

Our base fee for the audited financial statements is $10,000.

PriceKubecka has always been laser-focused on reducing the burden of a 401(k) audit. Now with teams and businesses displaced all across the country, our certified CPAs are here to help you comply with federal law with as little hassle as possible. Because our audits are automated and performed remotely, clients only need to provide minimal support to receive a fully compliant, error-free audit in weeks rather than months.

To get started on your audit you only need to complete these 3 simple steps:


Sign and return our engagement letter.


Grant us auditor access to your recordkeeper so we can pull necessary data.


Schedule a 30-minute meeting to create a customized payroll file.

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Additional Charges
if applicable

If your plan has any of the following special circumstances an additional fee will be assessed.

  • If Finch integration is not provided, requiring PriceKubecka to manually pull payroll.
  • A change in recordkeeper during the year is not disclosed.
  • A change in payroll provider during the year is not disclosed.
  • Plan mergers, spin-offs, or terminations are not disclosed.
  • Operational defects that are discovered during the audit.
  • Prior year operational defects that remain uncorrected.

Examples of operational defects that require corrections include:

  • Eligible compensation is incorrectly calculated.
  • Employee deferrals were not submitted on a timely basis.
  • Employer match contributions are incorrectly calculated.

401(k) Cost Benefits

We deliver unmatched compliance documentation and savings for recordkeepers and clients, while saving significant time for your audit support personnel.

Certified CPAs
Member of AICPA EBP Audit Quality Center
Remote Audit
Nationwide Service
Time To Complete an Audit
Plan Sponsor Time to Support an Audit
No Travel Costs
No Surpise Fees
Use of Interns for Audit
Flat Rate Pricing
Total Fee
PriceKubecka 401(k) Audit
Check Mark
Check Mark
Check Mark
Check Mark
Less than 40 hours
5 hours or less
Check Mark
Check Mark
Never Used
Check Mark
Starting at $10,000
Traditional 401(k) Audit
Check Mark
Check Mark
Check Mark
Check Mark
X Mark More than 80 hours
X Mark 20 hours or more
X Mark Travel + lodging is additional
X Mark
X Mark Sometimes
$20,000 + Expenses

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