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Our remote auditing technology to streamlines the entire 401(k) Audit process. Our certified 401(k) CPAs have the unique ability to shorten the audit timeline so that you can file a timely, error-free audit with minimal disruption to your staff and operations. Because our audits are automated and performed remotely, clients need to provide minimal support to receive a fully compliant, error-free audit in less than three weeks.

Automated Software
Automated Software

401(k) Audits

Not all 401(k) audits are created equal.

With Autire, we have revolutionized the entire auditing experience to make it easier and faster for plan sponsors to meet their obligations and avoid thousands of dollars in daily penalties that can be assessed. Using our custom-built remote auditing technology, our certified 401(k) CPAs can deliver a better audit for half the traditional cost. Whether this is your first audit or 30th, PriceKubecka can help your company remain ERISA compliant as required by the IRS and Department of Labor.


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