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PriceKubecka provides 401(k) plan audit services for numerous clients of ours. PK has consistently not only proven to us their expertise in the 401(k) audit industry compared to many of their peers with whom we have worked, but they have also made the process less painful for the client during fieldwork. While many other audit firms assign untenured and inexperienced staff to perform 401(k) plan audits resulting in increased time and frustration for both the client and TPA/ Custodian, our experience is that PK does not assign inexperienced staff to accounts. PriceKubecka 401(k) audit team members go through a thorough and rigorous training program which we believe has resulted in a decrease in the amount of unnecessary questions and resulted in a more timely audit. Overall we are very happy working with PK and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

Stacy Tucker, AIF, AIFA
CecilCo 401(k) Managed Solutions

What an easy process! To be honest, we weren’t sure what we could be getting into by finding the firm through an Internet search, but the team could not have been any better. Compared with what we have experienced in past 401(k) audits, PriceKubecka did an unbelievably thorough and impressive job while saving us thousands of dollars! We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Nancy Procter
MEC, Labs Institute

We’ve used PriceKubecka, PLLC to perform our 401(k) audit for the past 7 years and have always experienced superior customer service. PK’s staff is extremely knowledgeable, consistently responsive and best of all, they’re fun to work with. Most importantly, their technology makes the audit process easy.

Ken Blackard
Koetter Fire Protection

We were searching for a CPA firm for our 401(k) audit a month before the October 15th filing deadline, and we didn’t know where to turn. Although PriceKubecka said they may not be able to meet the tight timeframe, they still wrapped up the audit before the deadline, as well as provided a top-notch audit at an affordable price. The experienced auditing team we worked with was second to none, and they helped us navigate an administrative correction while still completing the audit before the deadline. Based on our wonderful experience, we look forward to continuing our relationship with PriceKubecka for years to come.

Mark Maki
Vapewild Wholesale, Inc.

Giving a bad referral to a client can damage a previously trusting relationship, so we tread carefully when providing recommendations. We’re so happy to refer PriceKubecka because, based on the glowing feedback, they deliver everything we say they will – a timely and quality audit at a fair cost. Their stellar performance bolsters our credibility with clients and we look forward to continuing to recommend them as auditors!

Bill Leitner
ISC Group

After extensive research, we chose PK as our auditors in 2017 and have been so happy we did. Every year I can tell that they spend time improving their processes, which gives me comfort that they are laser-focused on being the best 401(k) auditors out there. Every member of the team has been nothing short of stellar. They respond quickly to any questions or issues that arise and are amazing to work with. We are looking forward to great 401(k) audits for years to come with PK!

Jean Hall
Villari Food Group

As an engineering firm, we typically focus on the details more than others might, so when we started the search for a new 401(k) auditor, we knew our expectations were going to be high. Speaking with PriceKubecka, we felt that their technologically-savvy outlook would align well with what we were looking for, but weren’t going to hold our breath hoping for an amazing process based on the little 401(k) audit experience we had. What a breath of fresh air! Any questions we had were answered immediately, and all the testing that they performed was efficient and thorough. We are so glad we found PK and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Laci Rosas
JQ Engineering

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