PriceKubecka checked all the boxes

Victoria Crump

When I began my search for an internship, I knew exactly what I wanted in an employer– a collaborative environment that fosters every employee’s growth, no matter the job position. An opportunity to learn transferable skills that could benefit me for the rest of my career in tax. A firm that’s growing, but still personable enough to where you don’t feel acres and acres away from your manager– or, heck, even the CEO.

PriceKubecka checked all the boxes.

The moment I stepped through PK’s doors and sat down for my interview, I could sense it. Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic here, but it’s true! My interview was a conversation, not a grilling session; I felt like an equal rather than just another cog in the machine; I could tell that PK would give me real opportunities for learning and responsibility and provide me with real insight into the world of tax and not just saddle me with busywork. I could tell all of this just from that first conversation.

As I began my time as a tax intern in spring of 2021, I found all these positive assumptions to be true.

Not only that, but I found that I felt like I was an important part of something– not “just an intern”. The work I was doing truly felt beneficial and like an accurate representation of what I could be doing if I were to continue my career in tax. Not only did the work reinforce concepts that I learned in school, but it also exposed me to new concepts and new skill sets that still benefit me to this day. Although the work itself is obviously an important aspect of a job, I personally find company culture to be just as, if not even more so, important– I learned throughout the course of my internship that communication is key and highly valued at PK. Communication and feeling comfortable enough to bring up issues or questions is a huge contributor to a collaborative, enriching work environment, and I absolutely saw that at PK. It’s a more relaxed, casual firm, which I personally enjoy because I feel as though that helps foster more open communication– which, as I mentioned, is the glue that keeps everything together.

Overall, interning at PriceKubecka was a fantastic experience because I was given work that broadened my horizons by introducing me to new concepts and skill sets and was provided with a work environment that fostered this growth and made me feel as though I belonged in tax.

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