It’s time you think about CPA firms differently, starting with us.

PriceKubecka realized CPA firms weren’t progressing, despite the ever-changing accounting industry. Clients only received generic accounting services like yearly tax returns and audited financial statements. So, we went beyond the minimum to become a smarter, better CPA firm. We broke the stereotype of what a typical CPA firm looks like and we continue to grow and adapt to better serve our clients.

Who We Are

Brian S. Price, CPA

Brian founded PriceKubecka in 1995 and has over 25 years of experience serving the needs of closely-held businesses.

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Jason George, CPA

Jason leads a dynamic group of professionals that specialize in tax compliance and consulting.

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Mohsena Wahed, CPA

As the oldest of five children, the flexibility, responsibility, and organizational skills, and slightly sarcastic nature required to lead and manage a department are a natural fit for Mohsena.

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Amy Sac, CPA

Amy heads up our Austin office and is the audit partner for all assurance related services for the firm including audits, reviews, compilations, and agreed upon procedures.

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Jen Moore, CPA

Growing up as a military brat instilled Jen with the flexibility necessary to view change positively.

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Jamie Lewing

Jamie Lewing leads PriceKubecka’s accounting department by providing creative solutions to common and complex accounting issues while paying attention to the details.

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Donna Jones

Donna reigns as the resident IT guru at PriceKubecka. Her attention to detail, and never-ending patience, has helped keep the office running smoothly for the last eight years.

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Michael Reid

Originally from a small town outside of Fort Worth, Michael graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in accounting.

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