First Time Intern

Dante Brooks

During my fall semester of 2016, I attended my university’s business fair. Many recruiters and students were in attendance. I spent the day listening to presentations, asking questions, handing out my resume, and giving quick elevator speeches to recruiters. The one company that stood apart from the rest was PriceKubecka. The recruiters were personable in the way they engaged the classroom of future accountants and took the time to talk to us individually.

Although I met many people that day, Brian Price, the founding partner of PK, made a memorable first impression. He was filled with great energy and changed my perspective on typical accounting partners. After the presentations, I knew that I was very interested in the company. I spent a sizable amount of time asking questions about the company, getting to know the recruiters, and ultimately creating a genuine connection with the PK team.

Although I felt mostly feelings of excitement on my first day, I was nervous to begin interning at PriceKubecka. I reminded myself of the business fair and remembered how the PK team made me feel welcome and engaged. In the beginning, I was not sure what to expect or what kinds of tasks would be expected of me right away. Despite this, I arrived at the office with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn.

The other interns and I spent the first week doing extensive training. This training included learning the software, working on test projects, and learning more information. The training exercises were very beneficial and prepared me for future tasks. After the first week of training, the real work began. There were times I felt overwhelmed, but I was able to utilize my resources and overcome these challenges. This internship provided me with hands on, real world skills that I will be able to use for years to come.

During my time at PK, I assisted in two audits. I worked on multiple reviews and compilations and gained useful skills while completing the assignments. These skills will serve my future career well. I enjoyed getting assigned to actual meaningful tasks and being treated like a valuable employee. It was very insightful to see the hard work that is put into the company to keep it operating efficiently. For audits, being at the client’s office was enjoyable. Some days, I experienced difficult obstacles, but my fellow employees always met me with a friendly attitude and an eagerness to help. This support made my time at PK a great experience.

Although I am nearing the end of my time at PK, I have gained a plethora of knowledge, skills and great memories. I am thankful to those that presented me with this opportunity and provided me with every resource needed for me to succeed. This intern experience has given me valuable knowledge about what the audit industry is like. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern for PK. It has definitely been the best experience for my first internship.

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