An Ideal Fit

Jaime Nichols

Working at PriceKubecka as an audit intern has been an amazing experience. I knew when I was searching for an internship that I didn’t want to go the typical route and intern with a Big Four firm. I wanted to work at a firm that was innovating, as well as one where I could make an impact and see the bigger picture of the firm. When I met PK at my school’s career fair, I could feel their enthusiasm and I knew they were the firm I wanted to work for. Everyone at PK is so welcoming and passionate about what they do, it makes asking questions easy, plus it makes work fun instead of being a chore.

Throughout the internship I have been able to work on numerous compilations and reviews, as well as an on-site audit out of town. What I have loved about working on the audit side has been seeing how different each client is. It has been incredibly interesting seeing the trends in each client and how something like a bad year for their sales can affect all other aspects of their financials.

As an intern, I was surprised that I was given full compilations and reviews to work on from top to bottom. This experience allowed me to really see how a company is functioning and their prosperity, as well as learn different accounting techniques

One of the coolest experiences I’ve had has been the ability to research accounting topics and use that knowledge to solve problems for clients. One of my career goals is to get my PhD in accounting to research audit and data analytics. So, the ability to dip my toes into the research aspect of accounting has been a great experience.

In one of my first weeks I was assigned the task of researching and learning if a company we were auditing could use percentage of completion. I was able to figure out the answer and help make the decision for the client based on their revenue recognition method. This was a really great experience for me that allowed me to feel like part of a team. Since then while working on reviews, I’ve been able to research accounting and disclosure policies to prepare the review or compilation as accurately as possible.

Over the past three months I have learned so much more than I ever did in a class. PK has allowed me to work hard and push myself to solve problems in a way I didn’t before and I’m so grateful for the experience!

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