Future Career Path

Over the spring of 2021, I had great luck doing an internship at PriceKubecka. The reason I say ‘lucky’ is that the internship made me realize what I like and led me to what I am doing right now. PriceKubecka provided a great opportunity for me to see the future career path in public accounting and also delivered a great curiosity about audit practices. 

The first impression I got was that PriceKubecka paid lots of attention to providing proper education to interns. They spent a whole week teaching interns the basic workflow and general knowledge that are essential in public accounting. They were so passionate that they gave us endless 8 hours of class, every day. It was full of information. Frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and the fear that I might not memorize all the information I learned. But eventually, PK’s constant training and practice on actual projects enabled us to understand the whole process and complete the assigned project. 

My primary responsibility as an Audit Intern was preparing financial statements to ensure that the financials precisely include all the required information. To do that, I also needed to study what type of company they are or which industry they are in. And this was what I loved about the internship – I saw real examples of general accounting practices in different companies. Even under the same pandemic situation, all companies acted in different ways and brought different results. Some actions resulted in profits during this pandemic, but some faced hard times. From those real examples, I got more integrated perspectives about business practices. Each of my clients became my teacher. 

As mentioned before, throughout the internship, I was able to navigate what I like to do in my future career and what I am good at. It turned out I am good at keeping records at all times and I like to investigate the difference between the documents and the reason behind the scene. The internship and PK people helped me realize my strength and passion in audit. So if you are considering doing the internship at PK, I strongly suggest just to come and see what you can do here at PK!

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