The Best Internship Experience

While I was going to classes at the University of Texas at Dallas, I was not sure what path I was going to take with my bachelor’s degree in accounting once I obtained it. Did I want to go down the path of tax, bookkeeping, or audit? I was not sure. I knew that I needed to do an internship to complete my bachelor’s degree and I heard stories that really convinced me that I did not want to internship at a really large accounting firm or one of the Big Four. My audit professor convinced me that if I really wanted to learn then I needed to search for a smaller accounting firm. I began searching for an internship by looking up all of the accounting firms in North Texas. I really enjoyed audit, so I specifically looked for firms that were up and coming in the world of audit.

I was very nervous my first day but everyone made me feel welcome which helped a lot. I joined PriceKubecka at the beginning of the busy season but everyone training me still took the time out of their tight schedules to give me all of the proper training I needed to do the work that I was assigned. It is easy to learn and grow at PriceKubecka because of how helpful and kind everyone is at PriceKubecka. If you get stuck on a problem, there is someone who will help get you unstuck.

Overall, if someone is looking for an internship, I would highly recommend doing so at PriceKubecka. The environment to learn and develop is incredible and even if you don’t end up staying at PriceKubecka, I assure you that anyone who interns here will learn valuable skills that will follow you for the rest of your career.

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