Healthy Work Life Balance

I remember walking into the office of PriceKubecka to begin the first day of my 401(k)-audit internship. I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety as I wondered what to expect: How would I perform in this environment? How would the seniors, managers, and partners receive me? Am I even going to enjoy audit? Will they assign me work that is impactful to the firm, or will I be assigned dull & menial busy work? These were questions that over the next few months I found the answers to in the best ways possible!  During my internship I received responsibilities that gave me exposure and experience to multiple aspects of a 401(k) audit. Data gathering, sample testing, assisting with planning, compliance research, financial reconciliations, and numerous interactions with plan personnel were some of the challenging and exciting tasks assigned to me! At first the learning curve felt steep and overwhelming, but the helpful, patient, and friendly nature of my superiors led me to become a productive and crucial member of the team in no time! Everyone within PriceKubecka truly gave their best effort to see all the interns succeed and grow their careers as auditors.

One of my favorite parts about my internship was learning to use Autire to conduct 401(k) audits. Autire is a new, proprietary, cutting-edge software used by PK that automates many steps of a defined contribution plan audit. By using Autire, we were able to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete an engagement and scale the number of audits completed during the season. Because of Autire’s efficiency, I was able to maintain a very healthy work life balance while getting to work on hundreds of different 401(k) plans. This allowed me to obtain a large amount of knowledge and experience condensed in a single busy season without feeling burnt out once.

When I received a job offer at the end of my internship it seemed like a no brainer to become a full-time member of the PK family! Supportive colleagues, a strong work-life balance, exposure to different industries, and a fantastic workplace culture were all reasons why I am happy that I accepted a full-time offer! Since coming on full time I have only continued to develop my professional career as well as building strong relationships with my coworkers.

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