PriceKubecka Internship

Colton Bretton – Summer – Tax Intern – Texas Tech University

My name is Colton Bretton. I am an accounting major at Texas Tech University. I first met PriceKubecka at the Fall Career Fair at Tech. At the fair, I went around and introduced myself to all the accounting firms in attendance. PK easily spent the most time talking and getting to know me. It was very refreshing to talk to PK after most of the other firms just gave me a quick rundown of their company then wanted me to go away.

After interviewing a couple of times with Brian, I got offered a summer tax internship. I was extremely excited and told them yes right away. I waited 8 months for my internship to start, so I had many scenarios play out in my mind of how the internship would go. Would I be an intern that went around getting everyone coffee and lunch like in the movies or was I going to be treated like an actual employee and get to work on various projects? Luckily it was not the coffee scenario, since I have never made a pot of coffee before.

I thought it was really cool that they treated me like a regular employee. PK gave me real responsibility and expected me to perform like all the other employees. I was assigned many different tax returns over the course of the internship. I worked on 1040’s, 1065’s, 1120’s and 1120S’s. This allowed me to get a feel for what it is like to be a tax accountant. I thought this was cool because in school you learn the basics about these forms but don’t really get to see how the forms truly work. After working with all these, I feel much more confident about my future as an accountant. I also got to work with the many different tax software’s PK has. Softwares I worked with were Excel, QuickBooks, CCH ProSystem Engagement, and CCH Access. I really enjoyed the different types of software (once I figured out how to use them), because the software made my life so much easier.

Working on the forms and using the different types of software was very beneficial to me because that’s not an experience I get in college. I also found the performance review they gave me was beneficial, because they rated me as if I was a staff employee. They gave me some good constructive criticism and some praise on my work. One of the accolades that I received was that I was able to learn how their process works fairly quickly.

Coming into the internship I had a lot to learn. I’m not going to lie, learning everything was not the highlight of my time at PriceKubecka. I got frustrated when I didn’t understand different things or if something didn’t balance. Fortunately, Brian and the other staff were eager to help me overcome all the different problems that arouse. The staff at PK is awesome. Hanging out with them all summer made my summer a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. The culture of the work place was very laid back which matches my personality perfectly. I also had an awesome mentor this summer. She helped me get through all my tax problems and any other accounting issues. Overall, I had a great experience this summer interning with PriceKubecka!

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