The PriceKubecka Way!

Francisco Lozoya – Summer – Tax Intern – University of Texas at Dallas

Everything started when I was at University of Texas at the Dallas Fall Career Fair. I was standing in line for Weaver to see if they could give me a shot to be one of their interns. As time went by, I looked over my shoulder and there it was: the PriceKubecka booth. Before I talked to PK, I had already spoken with other firms. To be completely honest the other firms didn’t appeal to me, because of how they answered my questions. All they said was “turn in your resume and we will get back to you” and didn’t elaborate on certain questions as I had hoped. Luckily, that sense of, “Oh man is this career fair worth it,” all changed when I met PriceKubecka.

My first impression of PK was this firm looks serious. Thankfully the approach from them seemed as if I had worked there for a year. This is what separated them from the crowd. My questions to the associates and the director were answered in a professional manner with plenty of elaboration. As a matter of fact, Mohsena gave me a break down on how PK executes tax returns as well as their process, which shows transparency. She could have easily saved themselves fifteen minutes of time, but they thankfully overlooked that.

On day one, I did not know what to expect. Little did I know, we were training for two and a half days over concepts and how to acclimate to the software. In those two days, I learned more information than an entire year at school. This shows you how well Brian explains the material in a way that makes sense, but at a brisk pace as well. I have had buddies that have interned with the big four and there hasn’t been a day when a partner took time out of his or her busy day just to train interns. Let alone two entire days.

On day four I was prepping client’s tax returns. Within a month and a half, I prepped more than fifty returns with no prior real world experience. Every tax return is different, so the stereotype that tax is boring is completely misleading. You will never find yourself doing the same thing every day. In other words… be ready for a PriceKubecka adventure.

One of my favorite experiences here at PriceKubecka is when the partners and my mentors take us out for lunch. Leaving the office and just have a great time is an experience that every firm should take advantage of. You get to know one another not just as a worker, but for who they really are. At that point bonds start to form, which leads to a comfortable working atmosphere and workers that want to stick around.

I am fortunate to have interned at PriceKubecka. I have learned very important tax concepts that I will carry with me for my entire accounting career. As far as the learning curve, at this point I am still learning. My mentors Jason and Mohsena were both very supportive when I had questions. They were willing to take as much time as they needed to make sure I understood the problem. Overall, the experience has been amazing and every day is new and exciting. For the next round of interns be ready for an experience that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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