Through The Eyes of an Intern

Amy Sac – UT Austin – Audit Intern

My first impression of PriceKubecka was that my coworkers were not your typical accountants. There is a high level of genuine enthusiasm when you meet Brian Price, the firm’s cofounder. This energy is present throughout the office and helps create a supportive learning environment for any level of staff.

Before landing an internship with PriceKubecka, my previous internship was with a Big Four accounting firm in the midst of busy season. After this experience, I found myself loving what the career entails but looking for a firm with a suitable work-life balance that could also provide me with ample opportunities to grow my career. Within my first month, this internship has given me a full taste of what it is like to work at a firm like PriceKubecka, and I am loving it!

As of date, I have dove into numerous projects that cover different services that an auditor provides to their clients. A couple highlights have been compiling financial statements and disclosures and having face time with a client to update their internal controls processes. Both have challenged me in different ways.

Compilations have a simple objective; however, it is not a task that an intern can execute with ease. Throughout compilations, the challenge is attaining a detailed understanding of how all the accounts affect each other and how their relationship should be reflected in the financial statements. Accounting courses provide a fundamental understanding, but working with a live client that has more than 300 accounts quickly gets confusing. So I find myself researching GAAP and disclosure requirements, thinking back to course lectures and asking a lot of questions.

With this great experience I was able to conduct my own meeting with a CFO to update their internal controls for an upcoming audit. This was my first time engaging in an internal controls-related task. Prior to the meeting, I was prepped about what the meeting would entail and the efficient way to make it a successful experience. Hours before meeting the client, I calmed any nerves and made sure I was ready to ask the appropriate questions. I engaged in a conversation with a client to acquire the necessary information, which requires an ability to ask the right questions, take good notes and move the conversation efficiently.

So far, PriceKubecka has allowed me to experience different aspects of the business that I was not able to have in my prior internship. My internship is only halfway done; I am excited to see what other new projects I will be able to get my hands on.

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