The First Days on the Job

Joseph D. DiMarco – SMU – Audit Intern

There are few feelings as satisfying and fulfilling as looking forward to waking up for your job every morning. Most people are not lucky enough to have such a feeling or be able to look at every workday as an obstacle to overcome rather than an integral part of life to develop, but most people don’t work at PriceKubecka (PK). Many people who work in an office associate the work with monotony, days that seem to stretch out for weeks. The idea of working in such a stale professional environment is disheartening at best. It’s a sure way to dissuade any active-minded individual from working at such a firm. Fortunately for myself and my fellow interns, PriceKubecka recognizes this sentiment and therefore succeeds in offering one of the most engaging and exciting intern experiences available in the world of accounting.

PriceKubecka’s primary focus as a firm revolves around cultivating a culture of entrepreneurial energy and vigor. The executive team was generous enough to invite the interns to a company-paid trip to the Austin resort, Travaasa, which was easily my most enjoyable experience of the summer. It was a fantastic way to get to know the other members of the firm in a relaxed setting. They are accommodating and work with my schedule. Most importantly, everyone in the office has the patience and support needed to help the interns with any problems or questions we may have. With one of the most embracing company cultures I have ever seen, it is not hard to wake up every day looking forward to coming to work.

PK focuses on giving the interns as much hands-on experience as possible right out of the gate. Within a few days, I was already working on my first set of financial statements, and was compiling and sending out my own set the very next week. Within the first month, I have already worked on creating company-wide templates, working on client sites for audits, and assisting other departments with tax and IRS audits. There is never a dull moment at PriceKubecka. It is hard to delay lunchtime when working in the center of the restaurant capital of the United States, but when engaged in a project, the hours seem to slip by unnoticed. Our work is challenging enough to engage you fully but rewarding enough to contribute to a satisfying workday, a combination I find few of my friends at other firms can boast. It is the combination of an open-arms community and a true sense of accomplishment that makes it easy to look forward to work every Monday morning.

I am very lucky to have started this internship at PriceKubecka and am excited about what is yet to come. If the next five weeks are as eventful as the past five, then I know I am in for a wonderful summer.

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